Greenwich Hospital rises to the challenge

A message from the president of Greenwich Hospital

Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Greenwich Hospital healthcare workers. We play the classic 1969 tune every time we discharge a COVID-19 patient. It’s an uplifting reminder to both patients and staff that people with the coronavirus are healing and getting better.

Greenwich Hospital has been on the frontline of the pandemic from the start. We were the first hospital in Connecticut to establish an outpatient specimen collection center to test for the coronavirus. Our healthcare workers mobilized to care for COVID-19 patients, while simultaneously providing other essential medical services, such as delivering babies, diagnosing heart attacks, administering cancer treatments, and treating stroke victims with mechanical thrombectomy.

As you'll read in our cover story, Joseph Perez was rushed by ambulance to Greenwich Hospital unable to speak and partially paralyzed due to a stroke. Perez regained mobility and speech in the operating room within minutes of having the blood clot removed during a mechanical thrombectomy. He was awake with mild sedation during the entire procedure. This is life-saving surgical procedure is part of our expanded multi-million dollar neuroscience program.

Perez’ speedy recovery also underscores the importance of seeking emergency care, even during a pandemic. True, we have experienced dark days. But we have also witnessed great examples of courage and compassion, including the bravery of healthcare workers and first responders who have risked their lives to care for patients and the generosity of community residents who have stepped up by the thousands to support our hospital. I have never been prouder to be part of Greenwich Hospital.

Norman G. Roth, President and Chief Executive Officer