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A Holistically Healthy New Year

If your New Year's resolutions tend to center around diet and exercise, consider making 2018 a year to think about your mental and emotional health. What makes you happy? What keeps you grounded in our crazy world? Here are ways Greenwich Hospital physicians approach overall well-being:

  • "I have two young boys and spend as much time doing outdoor activities with them as possible. I also try to bring joy into our lives every day, relish in the simple things, and laugh a lot with them." - Karen Nishida, MD, GYN Surgeon

  • "I try to meditate for 10 minutes each day. Some days between work, home and other obligations 10 minutes is hard to find, but it's important. It's like a spa treatment for the brain. It helps me stay calm and focused during the most stressful and demanding times." - Sasanka Jayasuriya, MD, Cardiologist

  • "Walking my dog, Lola, fulfills my physical and emotional health needs like nothing else; to see nature and wildlife through her eyes makes every walk an opportunity for gratitude. I give myself unscheduled ‘puttering' days on the weekends, and i hope to join the bird-watching outing at Tod's Point the first Sunday of the month." - Ellika Mardh, MD, Internal Medicine Specialist