ABOVE: From left, Nicole Reeves, Cathy Best and Donna Pfeiffer.
BELOW: Pat Macuch, left, and Joyce Henrikson.

Congratulations to the August Great Catch winners for modeling HRO safety behaviors and taking action to improve patient safety.

Saint Raphael Campus

Cathy Best, clerical associate; Donna Pfeiffer, RN; and Nicole Reeves, clerical associate, SRC Emergency Department, were recognized for collaborating with 200% accountability and practicing a questioning attitude. On her way out of the ED communications center, Best stopped to pick up one last phone call. The caller inquired about donating his heart, saying he didn't want to live and wanted to give his heart to someone who could use it. Best kept the man on the phone and communicated her concerns to Pfeiffer, the charge nurse, who called 911 and coached Best through the call for approximately 25 minutes. Meanwhile, Reeves searched for the caller ID name and number online to find identifying details about the caller. Working together, the three tracked down enough information to help police locate the caller, who was brought to the ED for evaluation and treatment.

Temple Medical Center

Pat Macuch, RN, and Joyce Henrikson, RN, were recognized for practicing a questioning attitude and taking steps to validate and verify information. During a procedure at Temple Medical Center, the surgeon requested a preservative for a specimen. Nursing staff questioned the request because of the patient's possible diagnosis. They contacted Pathology and verified that the specimen should be sent without a preservative. The surgeon accepted their questioning attitude with thanks and the specimen was not compromised.