York Street Campus

van houten

Cori Van Houten, RN, Labor and Birth (WP 4), received the Great Catch award for using ARCC: Ask a question; Request a change; Communicate a concern; use Chain of command. She was caring for a patient when she noticed a discrepancy with the wait times for the medication prescribed. Van Houten escalated her concerns up several levels, which resulted in extended monitoring for the patient. Her actions to validate and verify and speak up for safety prompted a review of similar types of cases and recommendations for improvements to policies and procedures.

Saint Raphael Campus


Teresa Johnson, registrar at the SRC Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude. When she saw a woman in the waiting room having difficulty walking, she remembered seeing the same woman the previous day walking without problem. Johnson verified her concerns by speaking to the woman and noting that she was also having difficulty speaking. Johnson summoned help and the woman was treated in the Emergency Department, where she was diagnosed as having a stroke.