From left, Michelle Thomas, Dr. Dennis Buonafede and Jennifer Kohloff, RN

Congratulations to the July Great Catch winners for modeling HRO safety behaviors and taking action to improve patient safety.

York Street Campus

Michelle Thomas, CT technologist, Diagnostic Radiology, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude while performing a routine chest/abdomen/pelvis scan. While scrolling through the images, she noticed something unusual. She escalated her concerns and notified the radiologist, who confirmed that the patient had a pulmonary embolism. The patient's provider was contacted immediately, and she received emergency treatment for her condition. Thanks to Thomas, the patient was saved from a potentially serious event.

Saint Raphael Campus

Jennifer Kohloff, RN, and anesthesiologist Dennis Buonafede, MD, were jointly recognized for attention to detail, practicing and accepting a questioning attitude, and 200% accountability when a patient came to the Shoreline Surgery Center in Guilford for repair of a fractured wrist. The patient, who had a history of tonsillar cancer, appeared weak and had difficulty swallowing. Kohloff communicated her concerns to Dr. Buonafede, who spoke with the patient's surgeon and suggested postponing the surgery. The patient was referred for further testing, which showed the patient had a mass requiring removal.