In the coming weeks, employees at Yale New Haven Hospital and across Yale New Haven Health System will hear from their leaders about 2016 Employee Engagement Survey results for their organization and departments.

This year's survey indicates that employee engagement is increasing for the health system. "More than 44.3 percent of participating employees are considered 'engaged' based on their responses, exceeding the Advisory Board's national benchmark," said Kevin A. Myatt, senior vice president and chief human resources officer. At YNHH, 39.2 percent of employees are engaged, consistent with 2015 survey results.

"The results for our entire system are impressive and reflect the commitment of our extraordinary team," Myatt said. "These results come during a time of unrelenting external pressure, coupled with changes within Yale New Haven Health System and our individual organizations."

Progress from 2015 survey
This year's shortened survey was designed to assess progress on select systemwide and organization-specific areas identified on the 2015 survey. YNHH's scores improved on questions about managing diversity effectively and belief in the YNHHS mission, with the latter the most significant driver of employee engagement, according to the Advisory Board, a national survey company.

YNHH saw modest declines on questions about employee safety, unit/ department staffing, skills matching job role, whether employees feel they are paid fairly, and support to work with diverse employee and patient populations.

Employee concerns about staffing were reflected in survey results and employee comments across most YNHHS organizations, and frequently noted how staffing and employee safety are intertwined. "Recognizing the demands on our employees, and consistent with our commitment to be the employer of choice, we must continue to work together to identify creative ways to further address staffing within very tough budgetary constraints," Myatt said. "Your ideas and expertise are important as we find the best way to work in an environment that will be increasingly challenging.

"Overall, we received valuable feedback from our staff," Myatt added. "Survey responses help confirm what is important to staff and what we do well, and will help us make YNHHS an even better place to care for patients and for each of us to work. I thank every employee who took the time to participate."