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great catch

Porscha Benjamin, Crista Prates and Keyla Robinson.

York Street Campus

Porscha Benjamin, surgical technologist, North Pavilion Operating Room, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude. During a surgical procedure, a needle from a robotic case was dislodged as it was being removed and could not be immediately located. Benjamin stopped the line, shared her concerns with the surgical team, and prompted the attending surgeon to request an immediate X-ray. The surgical team accepted Benjamin's questioning attitude and recommendation, and the needle was located and safely removed.

Saint Raphael Campus

Keyla Robinson, clerical associate, and Crista Prates, RN, Emergency Department, were recognized for attention to detail, STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review) and mentoring each other with 200% accountability. Robinson noticed that a patient's wife who was calling for a taxi appeared unsteady and about to faint. She immediately escalated her concerns to Prates, the triage nurse, and both convinced the woman to have her vital signs taken. The woman was brought into the ED, where clinicians discovered she was having a stroke. Thanks to Robinson and Prates, the visitor was prevented from leaving the ED and received appropriate, timely care.