Joseph DelVecchio, Vanessa Hernandez

Great Catch winners help YNHH become a high reliability organization


Joseph DelVecchio, technical associate, Saint Raphael Campus Emergency Department, was recognized for attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude when he noticed a change in a patient's telemetry tracing. The patient had already had a normal EKG and other tests at the hospital before arriving, but DelVecchio escalated his concerns to the physician and requested a repeat EKG. The second EKG showed the patient was having a heart attack, and the patient received immediate treatment.


Vanessa Hernandez, referral representative, Primary Care Center, was recognized for practicing a questioning attitude and attention to detail when registering a patient whose mother had her in a stroller. Hernandez heard sounds of another child but did not see a baby. Upon discovering that the mother had the other child in the bottom of the stroller, Hernandez escalated her concerns to leadership. Staff from the PCC and other departments pooled their resources to supply the mother and her children with a larger stroller.