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In order to more effectively link patient and consumer preferences for locally-provided care offered through recognized health systems, we have decided to refresh our health system brand. The updated brand will begin to appear in May, and will include a new logo that places more emphasis on "Yale New Haven Health" in the names of each delivery network and Northeast Medical Group.

The rebranding is based on market research involving employees, physicians and thousands of consumers. The research clearly demonstrated that each YNHHS delivery network is more highly regarded when its relationship with the health system is evident.

Why rebranding is important

"Rebranding is a form of investment — much like updating facilities and replacing equipment," said Marna Borgstrom, YNHHS CEO. "Yale New Haven Health System and our delivery networks are known for patient-centered, high-value care. Launching a new brand reflects that innovative spirit."

"Our new logo emphasizes the importance of our health system in today's environment," said Vin Petrini, YNHHS senior vice president of Public Affairs. "More than 65 percent of consumers surveyed said they were more likely to choose a hospital that is part of a healthcare system. A new logo will accentuate our strength and help position us as we care for our patients." He added, "The new look and feel also reflect a very optimistic and patient-focused way of presenting the services we offer our patients and the community.

"People reacted very positively to the optimism of our Smilow Cancer Hospital's ‘Closer to Free' advertising campaign during the past several years, and that has extended to Smilow at Greenwich and Bridgeport," explained Petrini. "We really connected with our patients and our communities and we wanted to capture that feeling of optimism and adopt it for the whole system."

To help reduce and spread out the costs of rebranding, YNHHS is taking a phased-in approach that will allow us to use up existing materials and rely on in-house staff for most rebranding activities. Not all elements of the system will be rebranded at once; new projects will be rebranded as they come up, and old items will be redesigned as supplies run low. Two highly visible items — I.D. badges and external building signs — will be phased in over the next several months, one delivery network at a time. So staff should expect to see both the new and old logos around for the next year.

How will rebranding work?

More information about the rebranding effort and additional specifics about the roll-out will be communicated in the coming months though newsletters and the intranet sites.