YNHHS begins planning for major upgrade in business application computer system 

Teams from Human Resources, Corporate Supply Chain and Finance are working with Information Technology Services on a major project to upgrade the Lawson system currently used in those areas with a fully integrated Infor system.

The Infor enterprise resource planning system is scheduled to launch in July 2018, but work has already begun to adapt the system to Yale New Haven Health's needs. In addition to HR, Supply Chain and Finance staff, all managers and employees will use Infor to access information and functions currently found in Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service, such as pay and benefits information and performance reviews.

While the Lawson system has never been standardized across the YNHHS hospitals and Northeast Medical Group, the new Infor version will integrate core business and other non-clinical functions at all delivery networks into one uniform platform.

Lisa Stump, chief information officer, YNHHS, said Infor will have a completely different look and feel from the current version, making it easier and more efficient to obtain and track supplies, screen and hire job applicants, manage finances, and access business information. The new Infor platform will make some applications available on mobile devices.

"This is a system that is supporting our key functions, and will ultimately help us provide better care to our patients," she said.

Watch for more details on the Infor project in future communications.