Re-badging FAQs

New time clocks and re-branded photo ID badges are being rolled out at Yale New Haven Hospital over the next few months. Some common re-badging questions are below. For more information, see your manager or contact the Re-badging Center: rebranding_photo_ [email protected] or 203-200-4343 (203-200-IDID).

For more FAQs, visit the Brand Center page on the YNHH intranet.

When will I get my new, re-branded photo ID badge?

Your manager will inform you when and where you will receive your new badge. Please do not go to the Photo ID office for a re-branded ID badge.
  • Please visit the Re-branding Center when your area is scheduled to receive new badges, otherwise you will not be able to use the new time clocks in your area.
Will my new ID badge be different from my current badge?

Yes. YNHH employees will have new photos taken. In addition, new ID badges will: --Be consistent across Yale New Haven Health System --Reinforce the Yale New Haven Health brand --Ensure that YNHHS complies with all regulatory requirements

What credentials will be on my new ID badge?

Only credentials related to licenses granted by the State of Connecticut and relevant to patient care. Please visit the Brand Center page on the YNHH intranet for details.

Will the new badges work with the old Kronos time clocks?

No. New badges can only be used with the new time clocks that are being installed, by area, in the hospital.

What is the difference between the old and new time clocks?

The old time clocks required you to swipe your badge; the new clocks use a proximity reader. Hold your new badge to the top right corner of the clock until you see a green light and hear a chime indicating your badge has been read.

Will my new badge work for parking, meal deduction, scrubEx machines and other functions?

If your old badge was set up to work with these functions, your new badge will, also. However, your new badge may not work for other functions immediately, so keep your old badge until your new one works.
  • If you want to add functions to your new badge that were not previously on your old badge, you will need to visit the appropriate departments. Ask Re-badging Center staff which departments can help you.
What do I do with my old badge once my new one works for all functions?

Return your old badge to your manager or the security office on your campus. Employees must turn their old badges in to security within 30 days after receiving a new badge.