Aimee Seiderer, Amy Borrerro

Great Catch winners help YNHH become a high reliability organization

Congratulations to these Great Catch winners for modeling HRO safety behaviors and taking action to improve patient safety.


Aimee Seiderer, speech and language pathologist, Pediatric Rehabilitation, noticed that a pediatric patient was using equipment that allowed her to speak with a tracheostomy, but that equipment had the potential to cause airway damage with prolonged use. Seiderer’s attention to detail and practicing a questioning attitude prevented a possible safety event with the patient.


Amy Borrero, diagnostic medicine sonographer, Ultrasound, was recognized for practicing a questioning attitude and self-check using STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review) after scanning a patient’s calf to rule out a deep vein thrombosis. The scan was negative, but the patient was complaining of pain and could not walk. Borrero escalated her concerns to the radiologist and recommended a thigh scan, which revealed a clot in an artery. Borrero’s actions prevented further muscle damage due to decreased circulation from the clot.