YNHH, health centers announce innovative partnership to expand primary care access

Yale New Haven Hospital, Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center and Fair Haven Community Health Care have forged an innovative agreement to create a New Haven Primary Care Consortium. The combined resources and expertise of these three providers will allow for better access to exceptional care.

“This agreement achieves a number of objectives,” said Cynthia Sparer, YNHH senior vice president, Operations, and executive director, Women’s and Children’s Services. “It not only preserves, but enhances access for patients throughout the city. Combined, we can bring to bear our extraordinary, mission-driven capabilities in a unified manner.”

Under the partnership, YNHH will provide $15 million in capital to support the renovation of 150 Sargent Drive in New Haven as a new care site. In the coming weeks, YNHH will file with the state for a Certificate of Need to move services to the new facility from its current Howard Avenue and Chapel Street locations.

Plans call for Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center (CSHHC) and Fair Haven Community Health Care (FHCHC) to manage operations at the new location and develop an expanded and more integrated care model for patients.

The health centers will provide these services in partnership with YNHH’s graduate medical education programs. The Sargent Drive location will be in addition to services currently provided at CSHHC and FHCHC.

“This is a historic opportunity for our organizations to work together,” said Michael Taylor, CEO, CSHHC. “Combined, we care for nearly 93 percent of the primary care patients in New Haven. This partnership will allow us to better provide coordinated and enhanced care.”

The announcement comes at a challenging time, with efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act at the federal level and uncertainty around state policies.

“In this environment, the need for creativity and collaboration is paramount,” said Suzanne Lagarde, MD, CEO, FHCHC. “In an era of unprecedented uncertainty in health care, we need to find innovative ways to ensure we provide exceptional care to the patients we serve.”