Blizzard? No problem.

blizzard photo

Facilities staff were extra careful while clearing snow off the helipad, which was blasted with icy winds during the blizzard. Jeffrey Clark, facilities systems coordinator, took the opportunity to capture this winter scene.

blizzard photos

TOP: Facilities crews kept sidewalks safe for patients, visitors and employees. BOTTOM: Staff at all of YNHH’s emergency departments, including the York Street Campus Adult ED, were prepared for whatever the storm would bring.

When you work at a hospital, you have to be ready for just about anything. So when Blizzard Grayson hit the state Thursday, Jan. 4, YNHH employees responded with their usual calm efficiency, doing whatever was needed to care for patients.

The hospital opened its Emergency Management Incident Command Center to coordinate operations. To protect patients’ safety, hospital outpatient facilities were closed Thursday, but emergency departments and inpatient units remained open. More than 50 employees stayed overnight at the hospital to ensure they’d be available for their shifts Friday. Thank you to the employees in many different departments who helped ensure YNHH was ready to care for everyone who needed us.