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YNHHS to launch electronic portable oxygen tank regulators to enhance safety 

oxygen tank regulator

Over the next few months, Yale New Haven Health will convert all existing portable oxygen tank regulators to electronic regulators with enhanced safety features.

The conversion will standardize equipment across the health system. The new regulators include features such as an accurate oxygen gas content display that shows both PSI and duration until empty in hours and minutes. The new device also uses audible and visual alerts that indicate battery life and notify healthcare professionals when the tank’s oxygen supply is getting low.

“YNHHS has experienced multiple safety events involving portable oxygen tanks running low on, or out of, oxygen. These events have been reported at three delivery networks, but risks exist at all locations where portable oxygen is used,” said Ena Williams, RN, Yale New Haven Hospital senior vice president and chief nursing officer. “The new regulators will reduce risk and enhance the safety and quality of patient care.” 

Each delivery network will deploy the regulators at different times. YNHH’s schedule is:

  • York Street Campus: Aug. 24 - 27
  • Saint Raphael Campus: Aug. 31 - Sept. 3
  • All other YNHH sites: Sept. 7 - 10

An Infor learning management system module has been assigned to all appropriate staff and will launch five weeks before the new regulators are deployed. On-site education will also be provided as needed at go-live.  

Employees who find a non-digital regulator after the deployment should remove it from circulation and call 203-688-9000 (for onsite locations). Employees in some ambulatory locations will be instructed to contact the vendor directly.