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Great Catch Winners Help YNHH Become a High Reliability Organization

Congratulations to these Great Catch winners for modeling HRO safety behaviors and taking action to improve patient safety.

Sara Edge, RN 

Sara Edge, RN, NP-14, was recognized for 200% accountability, effective handoff and attention to detail. A recently discharged surgery patient had called a private provider’s office to report surgical site changes and reached an answering service. The service told the patient she would receive a call back the next day. Concerned, the patient called the hospital floor and was connected to Edge, who told her to go to the Emergency Department immediately. Edge escalated her concerns to a surgical provider, alerting the team to meet the patient upon ED arrival. Thanks to Edge’s use of CHAMP behaviors, the patient received necessary interventions.



Jillienne Bogan 

Jillienne Bogan, ED technical associate, YSC Adult ED, was recognized for attention to detail, practicing a questioning attitude and 200% accountability. While performing an EKG on a patient complaining of chest pain, Bogan saw a bloodstain on the patient’s shirt. When she asked about it, the patient disclosed that they had a stab wound. Knowing it could be a life-threatening injury, Bogan immediately notified the primary nurse. The patient was transferred to trauma and treated immediately.