PEACE (Patient Experience Award for Caring and Excellence) presented

Portee Winfrey Benigni

Jame Portee and Troy Winfrey; Dave Benigni, RN

York Street Campus

Patient transport associates Jame Portee and Troy Winfrey showed caring and compassion for a patient who appeared upset. While transporting her to a unit, Portee noticed on her ID that it was her birthday. He mentioned it to Winfrey, and the two pooled their resources to purchase balloons for the patient and deliver them to her room as a birthday gift. The patient greatly appreciated their thoughtfulness.

Saint Raphael Campus

Dave Benigni, RN, Emergency Department, provided exemplary care for a patient, even though he was off the clock. In the parking garage after his overnight shift, Benigni saw an elderly man waving, trying to get his attention. The man needed directions to his appointment, which Benigni noticed was at Temple Radiology instead of the SRC. Benigni called Temple to alert the office of the patient’s late arrival and instructed the man to follow him to the office to make sure he would make it to his appointment.

All employees, physicians and volunteers are eligible for the monthly PEACE award. Send nominations to: [email protected].