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Community Support of the YNHHS/Prospect Transaction

Yale New Haven Health, Prospect, Inc. hospital systems and the Connecticut Office of Health Strategy held a public hearing on Wed., April 26 in Hartford to ask for Certificate of Need (CON) approval for the transfer of ownership of Prospect-owned Waterbury Health and ECHN to YNHHS. Read more >

Multiple articles ran before and after expressing public support for the state to approve the CON. Learn more >

YNHHS and Prospect Medical Holdings Agreement

As a not-for-profit health system, Yale New Haven Health (YNHHS) maintains a strong commitment to serving those in need. Our growth has been guided by this singular commitment: to bring the benefits of an academic health system to more patients across our region.

Today, with the proposed acquisition of Prospect Medical Holdings’ Waterbury Hospital, Manchester Memorial Hospital and Rockville General Hospital – hospitals that share our commitment to serving the community – we have an important opportunity to meet Connecticut’s evolving healthcare needs with exceptional, high-quality care and a continued dedication to the underserved.

We believe that the proposed transaction will enable us to build upon the strengths of each hospital and integrate the resources of YNHHS to improve the health of the communities and our region. It will allow us to increase local access to academic medicine, while preserving jobs in each community – with an unwavering focus on quality and safety.

The proposed transaction will create mutual benefits for YNHHS and the hospitals, for patients across Connecticut, and for the state economy – today and tomorrow.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the transactions. We invite you to submit additional questions to [email protected].

We also encourage you to visit the website of the Office of Health Strategy and its Certificate of Need portal for additional information about the proposed transaction. The portal will include our detailed application to the agency as well as notice for a public hearing once our application is considered by the agency to be complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the transaction benefit patients?

We believe that the transaction will enhance healthcare quality, increase access to highly specialized care and expand the diversity of providers in the region. Specifically, the transaction will provide patients with better access to the entire continuum of care that links ambulatory, acute, home health and rehabilitation care through the creation of an integrated care delivery network for the entire region. Becoming a part of an academic health system means that patients will have access to translational research through YNHHS clinical trials, advanced clinical protocols and YNHHS expertise for even the rarest of conditions. Further, care will be better coordinated because clinical information and data will be accessible to all patients and providers through a unified electronic medical record system – ultimately enabling a better patient experience and higher quality care through implementation of evidence-base care models.

Will the transaction protect access to community-based care?

Yale New Haven Health firmly believes that local care should remain local. Our track record is clear. Our historic investments in local communities – such as New London, Greenwich, Bridgeport, Milford, Westerly and other towns and municipalities – demonstrate our commitment to that goal. In every case, when a hospital has joined our system, we’ve enhanced services and quality while maintaining the community-focused nature of each organization.

How will this impact jobs?

If the transaction receives necessary approvals, YNHHS anticipates maintaining as many Prospect employees in good standing as possible. Because healthcare is a growing sector and an economic engine for the State, the transaction would likely create more jobs in the long run.

When will the acquisition be finalized?

The transaction will be fully approved upon completion of the CON process. The regulatory approval process is extensive and allows for significant input from the public and other stakeholders over the next several months.

When with the electronic medical record (Epic) be rolled out?

Pending regulatory approval, we anticipate rolling out Epic at the three hospitals 9-10 months post state approval.

How will the transaction affect cost?

The creation of an integrated delivery network throughout the region will enable for the right patient care to be provided in the most appropriate places throughout the system, which is more convenient for patients, in addition to being more efficient and cost-effective overall. As our track record shows, previous acquisitions have enabled the individual hospitals, and the system as a whole, to better manage the challenges and costs of healthcare while ensuring access to the most advanced care, the most skilled providers and a wide array of services, especially when encountering extraordinary hurdles such as those faced at the onset of the COVID pandemic.

How will the transaction impact the state economy?

Healthcare is a critical economic engine for the State of Connecticut. A healthy and vibrant health system will drive continued growth not only in healthcare, but in biotech and ancillary industries. Over the long term, we expect the transaction to positively impact job growth—both directly and indirectly.


A Record of Investing to Enhance Quality of Care

Many health systems expand with the promise of more efficiently managing the health and healthcare costs of their communities. Yale New Haven Health has a proven track record of doing so.

With the integrations of the Hospital of Saint Raphael in 2012, Lawrence + Memorial Healthcare in 2016, and Milford Hospital in 2019 our system has lived up to its promises to deliver more efficient healthcare services.

We begin by assessing the needs of the individual community.

  • For the patients of Lawrence + Memorial Healthcare, for example, which has been serving its community since 1912, that assessment led to what is now a comprehensive, family-focused array of services in more than 100 specialties, from diagnosis to advanced treatments to care management. We will open an expansion of our Emergency Department in 2024, with 53 private treatment rooms and a distinct emergency crisis unit.
    L+M Hospital’s financial performance has similarly transformed in that time, from a deficit of $29 million at the end of FY2016 to a positive margin at the end of FY 2021.
  • The Hospital of Saint Raphael, now part of Yale New Haven Hospital, has renovated multiple care units and operating rooms and has made significant infrastructure upgrades. We’ve also developed multiple centers of excellence across specialty areas. The Health System also recently broke ground to build a $838 million, 505,000 square foot project that includes the construction of a new Neurosciences Center on the Saint Raphael Campus. For more information on the Saint Raphael integration, read the American Hospital Association’s case study.
  • Milford Hospital, which was integrated into Bridgeport Hospital, has undergone significant infrastructure upgrades, allowing the Health System to grow clinical programs there, including a robust joint replacement center with the most advanced OR robotics for minimally invasive surgery.

In every case, when a hospital has joined our system, we’ve worked to enhance services and quality while maintaining the community-focused nature of the individual facilities and staff.



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