Yale Center for Genomic Health

The Yale Center for Genomic Health (YCGH) will operate one of the largest DNA sequencing projects of its kind in the United States. This project will enable both research as well as important health care interactions for some participants. This effort, called the "Generations Project," launched in 2019 and aims to enroll more than 100,000 volunteers. 

Volunteer participants who enroll in the Generations Project will have their DNA analyzed at a level of detail not possible through at-home genetic testing kits. The goal of this research is to learn more about human health and disease to find better ways to keep people healthy and treatments when they are sick.

The volunteers’ genomic data will be linked to electronic health records in order to create a bank of anonymized information for discovery research. In addition, the leaders of the study team will look for and deliver back to patients and their health care providers important genomic results that can be used to address health risks. The team will also support patients in getting the right information they need to make decisions about any findings.

The Center, founded in 2018, is a collaboration of Yale Medicine, Yale New Haven Health and Yale School of Medicine. The sequencing for the Center’s project will be carried out at the Yale Center for Genomic Analysis. For more information, visit the Yale Center for Genomic Health on the Yale Medicine website.