Summer Tips for Families During COVID-19

Summer safety


Warm weather will make it easier for families to get outside and back to the activities they love like picnics, barbeques and trips to the beach. Summer camps, state parks, state campgrounds, amusement parks, museums and zoos will all be open in Connecticut this summer.

However it is important to practice proper prevention protocols to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, everyone who is 12 and older should get vaccinated, opt for outdoor activities where the chance of transmission is low and stay home if you get sick.

Children younger than 12 are still not eligible to receive the vaccine and it is possible for them to get severe cases of COVID-19. To help keep kids safe, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines for summer activities.

Summer camp safety

The CDC recommends kids at day camps stay at least 3 feet apart, except when they are eating and drinking, in which case they should stay 6 feet apart. Campers and staff should continue to wear masks and participate in outdoor activities as much as possible. If campers experience symptoms related to COVID-19, they should stay home.

When it comes to sleepaway camps, the CDC recommends anyone who is unvaccinated to quarantine for two weeks before arriving at camp. They should also get a negative COVID-19 test 1-3 days before arrival.

To help reduce the chance of infections, families should look at camps that are taking extra precautions. Visitors should be restricted, large gatherings should be limited and masks should be required.

Summer sports safety

Kids should stick to outdoor sports this summer where the chance for infection is lower. However, they should avoid any sport that involves close contact with others from outside the household. When possible, wear a mask while playing with others and avoid large crowds.

If kids are feeling sick, they should stay home from practice or games. Families should also let team leaders know if they were exposed to COVID-19 so that teammates can get tested.

Staying safe at outdoor events

Some larger outdoor events this summer like concerts or sporting events may require proof of your vaccination. Even if you are fully vaccinated, be sure to bring your mask since those events include crowds where you may be unable to maintain physical distance from others.

For families with young kids who may not be participating in team sports or camp can still enjoy time outside safely. On a trip to the beach just remember to maintain physical distancing. Going for camping trips, hikes or jogs are easy to do safely since everyone can wear a mask.