Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stories

Every day healthcare workers across Yale New Haven Health are working around the clock to care for those with COVID-19. Their commitment, service and sacrifice is what makes our community so great. But they’re not alone. Neighbors, friends and family members and stepping up to do their part, showing the “Power of We.” Read their stories and join us in thanking our healthcare heroes.


The Power of We: Rosalie Carattini

Yale New Haven Health believes in the Power of “We”. Because it takes a whole community to fight this virus. See what that means for respiratory therapist Rosie Carattini.

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The Power of We: Laura Arre, RN

Laura Arre, a nurse at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, lost a family member to COVID-19. But she decided to jump in and help at Greenwich Hospital. While she cares for others, she has help at home, even with her car.

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Voices from the Front Lines: Jodi Walters, RN

Nurse Jodi Walters decided to offer a helping hand at Greenwich Hospital. She said it was a “profound” experience to work next to the nurses doing everything they could for their patients. When one elderly woman couldn’t remember her niece’s phone number, they tracked her down so that their patient could speak with a member of her family.

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Voices from the Front Lines: Shalonda Sahara Willocks, RN

Nurse Shalonda Sahara Willocks graduated just a few months ago. But she knew her co-workers would “thrive” as they cared for COVID-19 positive patients. It’s been a difficult time, but Willocks said her dream to become a nurse hasn’t changed.

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The Power of We: Marcie Scalia, RT

Marcie Scalia is a radiologic technologist at Yale New Haven Hospital. While she’s been busy caring for patients, her friend has been leaving her home cooked meals, so she has one less thing to worry about.

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2500th Patient

Video: 2500th Patient Discharge

Greenwich Hospital celebrated the discharge of Yale New Haven Health's 2500th COVID patient. The halls and lobby were filled as staff cheered on and said their goodbyes to Gabriel. He was welcomed into the loving arms of his family who haven't seen him since mid-April.

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Voices from the Front Lines: Ava Reyna-Balsamo, RN

Ava Reyna-Balsamo is a nurse coordinator in the Aerodigestive Clinic. Patients haven’t been coming in to the clinic, but they’re still getting care through telehealth visits. Reyna-Balsamo called it an “exciting time” as they explore this technology.

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Longest Staying COVID Patient

Video: Longest-Staying COVID Patient is Discharged

After 50 days battling COVID-19, Mr. Carlos Y. was finally released from the hospital! He was greeted by the loving and cheering faces of his family as he made his way out of the hospital.

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The Power of We: Antonio Lugo

Yale New Haven Health believes in the Power of “We”. Because it takes a whole community to fight this virus. Each day, Antonio Lugo is able to focus on our patients, knowing that his neighbors are caring for his dog.

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Dr. Wainwright

The Power of We: Sandra Wainwright, MD

Sandra Wainwright, MD, is a Pulmonary Critical Care physician at Greenwich Hospital. While she takes care of COVID-19 patients, her husband is at home, doing what he can to take care of her.

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Voices from the Front Lines: Mary Beth Coyle, RN

With over 36 years of experience as a nurse, Mary Beth Coyle said she’s never experienced anything like COVID-19. She was a surgical nurse before her floor turned into a COVID-19 unit. Throughout all these changes, she said her patients will always come first.

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Dr. Winterbottom

The Power of We: Chris Winterbottom, MD

Chris Winterbottom, MD, is the ICU Medical Director at Bridgeport Hospital. While he helps to take care of COVID-19 patients, his wife is working from home and caring for their two children.

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Discharge Poster

Video: COVID Patient Transfer

After traveling and testing COVID-19 positive, this patient was intubated for 2 weeks in the ICU. Our care teams gathered to give him a cheerful send-off to his next phase of recovery.

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The Power of We: Pam D'Ambrosio, RN

ICU Nurse Pam D’Ambrosio is busy at Bridgeport Hospital. But her husband is supporting her from home, making sure dinner is waiting for her when she gets home.

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Voices from the Front Lines: Rita Amendola, APRN

Nurse Rita Amendola had worked in primary care for the last five years. But she went outside her comfort zone to help care for COVID-19 positive patients at Bridgeport Hospital. Amendola said she was nervous to do so, but knew it was the right choice for her.

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Dr. Nate Wood

Video Diary: Dr. Nate Wood

Dr. Nate Wood is a resident physician caring for COVID-positive patients at Yale New Haven Hospital. It’s his first year as a doctor and he’s never had to deal with a pandemic before. He recorded a video diary during one of his shifts, and opened up about how music is helping him through this difficult time.

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1500th Patient Discharge

Video: 1500th Patient Discharge

Yale New Haven Health celebrated the milestone of discharging our 1500th COVID patient in April! Nurses, caregivers and others cheered their patient on as he made his way out the entrance and into the applause and celebration of loved ones and staff. This momentous accomplishment is made possible by the all the hardworking individuals who make up Yale New Haven Health and inspire all of us each and every day.

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Voices from the Front Lines: Steven Benaderet, MD

Dr. Steven Benaderet is the regional medical director of Northeast Medical Group. But he answered the call to care for COVID-19 patients at Bridgeport Hospital. The night before he went in, he said he felt like an “intern,” just as nervous as everyone else.

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The Power of We: Keri Riccardo, RN

ICU Nurse Keri Riccardo works at Yale New Haven Hospital, caring for critically ill patients impacted by COVID-19. Her husband is working from home and caring for their kids while Keri tends to others in need.

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