Information for Parents/Caregivers of Our Patients

What if I or my child have some symptoms of the cold or flu and we have an upcoming appointment at a Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pediatric Specialty Center?

Call the appointment location and tell us about your symptoms. We will ask you additional questions and give you instructions for next steps.

Can I visit a patient who is currently hospitalized at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital?

While community spread of COVID-19 is still occurring, we will continue to restrict who can visit our hospitals and who can accompany patients to appointments. One adult 18 or older is permitted to accompany your child in the hospital and for Pediatric Specialty Center appointments. Siblings are not permitted at this time. We do not like to limit visitors, but it helps reduce the risk of exposure to patients and staff.

Can I bring siblings or other family members to my child’s appointment at a Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital Outpatient Pediatric Specialty Center?

No. A maximum of one primary caregiver can accompany a patient who has an appointment at any of our outpatient locations. Everyone else, including siblings of any age, may not accompany you and your child to your child’s visit. These restrictions may change; please follow Yale New Haven Health's ambulatory visitor restrictions. For more info visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information page.

Why is Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital and its Outpatient Pediatric Specialty Centers limiting visitors?

COVID-19 will continue to spread in our community. To keep our patients, families and staff from getting the virus, we have decided to limit the number of visitors entering our buildings.

My child or I are currently receiving inpatient care at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. What should I expect?

If you do not have cold or flu-like symptoms, you will continue to receive the care you need without change. If your child is hospitalized here and you have symptoms of fever or cough, please do not visit. The clinical staff and providers at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital are trained on the identification, isolation and treatment of this and other infectious diseases. To protect our patients, families and staff from a possible exposure to COVID-19, we currently allow only one primary caregiver to visit a patient. If you or your child are receiving inpatient care at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, please tell your household contacts to follow these guidelines.

What has Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital done to prepare for COVID-19?

Yale New Haven Children's Hospital follows a strict set of infection prevention protocols determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to identify and treat this and other diseases.

How to Protect Your Family from COVID-19

Should I wear a mask if I do not have any symptoms?

The CDC is recommending people wear cloth face masks, not N95 masks, in public areas where it’s difficult to maintain proper social distancing. Face masks should not be placed on children under 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or anyone who is unable to remove the mask without assistance.

I am concerned that I may have been exposed to COVID-19. Should I go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Department?

No. You should only go to the Emergency Department if you are experiencing serious symptoms. This will help limit the spread of the virus in our community as well as allow our emergency departments to care for patients with the most critical needs first. If you believe that you may have been exposed to the virus, or are concerned about your symptoms, first call your primary care provider and follow their instructions.

How does this virus spread and what can I do to protect myself and my family?

Coronaviruses are typically spread through direct contact with someone who has an infection (like touching or shaking hands) or touching something that someone with the disease may have touched, and not washing your hands right away. To help limit your exposure to this virus, wash your hands often and especially before touching your face or eating. Clean all surfaces like counters, doorknobs, phones, keyboards and any areas that you touch by using a household disinfectant or a cleaner that contains bleach.


Call 833-ASK-YNHH (833-275-9644).

Yale New Haven Health is offering a call center for patients and the community who have questions about COVID-19. Healthcare professionals from the health system are available to answer your specific questions 7 days a week, 7 am – 7 pm. 

Yale New Haven Health includes Bridgeport Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, Lawrence + Memorial Hospital, Westerly Hospital, Yale New Haven Hospital, which includes Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, and Northeast Medical Group.