COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution: When Will I Get It?

Yale New Haven Health is working with the state of Connecticut and following CDC guidelines to vaccinate as many people as possible. Find out more about the state's distribution plan to find out when you may become eligible.

Who Gets the Vaccine First?

In accordance with Connecticut’s distribution plan, the first phase of the rollout plan includes vaccinating healthcare workers, long-term care facility residents and medical first responders. At Yale New Haven Health, we fast tracked available vaccines to workers who have the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19, but every patient facing employee and member of the Medical Staff who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated. We already have experience with mass vaccinations thanks to our yearly flu vaccine program.

When Can Patients Get the Vaccine?

The current state distribution plan rolls out in phases:

Phase 1a: The first priority for vaccine distribution in Connecticut is for healthcare personnel, long-term care facility residents and medical first responders.

Phase 1b: The second phase includes individuals 75 years and older, followed by individuals between 65 and 74. After that, eligibility will expand to those with underlying medical conditions with increased risk for severe illness, frontline essential workers and those in congregate settings.

Future phases: Additional rollout plans are still being developed by the state of Connecticut. The general public could be eligible to receive the vaccine by this summer.

If you are a patient with Yale New Haven Health, we will let you know when you are eligible to get the vaccine with us. We already have the capacity to store vaccine doses, including the ones from Pfizer and Moderna, which require ultra-cold temperatures.

Learn more about how to schedule your vaccination.

We view both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to be equally effective in preventing COVID-19. There may be mild differences in the side effects (which only last for a couple of days), but both are equally safe and effective. For that reason, and in order to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible, individuals will not be able to choose which vaccine they receive.

Learn more about Connecticut’s distribution plan