#CRUSHCOVID and Get Vaccinated

Thank you to all staff helping to #CRUSHCOVID by getting vaccinated. Here are some ways you can encourage others to do their part.

Change your profile picture


The simple act of changing your social medial profile picture can send a powerful message. Download the I Got Vaccinated icon for your social media profile. When you do, tag us in your photos and use the hashtag #CRUSHCOVID. We'll share your posts with our followers so they know you're helping Yale New Haven Health #CRUSHCOVID.

Download: I Got Vaccinated social media icon

Update your email signature


Show your support with each email you send. We've created an icon fit for your email signature. Visit our Brand Center for guidelines and specifications.

Download: I Got Vaccinated email signature icon

Participate in the #CRUSHCOVID campaign


We love seeing how you are all doing your part to #CRUSHCOVID. Make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #CRUSHCOVID in your post so we can share with our followers!


Support via Zoom


We've created a #CRUSHCOVID background to utilize during Zoom video conferences.

To change your Zoom background:

  1. Click on the #CRUSHCOVID Zoom Background link. Save the image to your desktop.
  2. Open the Zoom video settings
  3. Click on Background and Filters
  4. Click on the “Add Image or Video” button
  5. Select the image you downloaded to your desktop

*Note: Not all devices support virtual backgrounds. Should you need help, consult this Zoom support page.

Download: #CRUSHCOVID Zoom Background