86 Bridgeport Hospital physicians on “Best Doctors” List

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

BRIDGEPORT, CT (April 3, 2018) – A total of 86 Bridgeport Hospital-affiliated physicians and more than 400 from across Yale New Haven Health – which includes Bridgeport, Yale New Haven, and Lawrence + Memorial hospitals along with Northeast Medical Group – have been selected by their state colleagues for Connecticut Magazine’s 2017-2018 Best Doctors in America list as seen in the April 2018 issue.

“Bridgeport Hospital is fortunate to have a medical staff that is held in high regard by both patients and colleagues,” said William M. Jennings, president and CEO of Bridgeport Hospital and executive vice president of Yale New Haven Health. “This recognition reaffirms the commitment to patient- and family-centered care of our entire healthcare team, including our dedicated and highly skilled physicians and surgeons.”

Connecticut Magazine’s selection methodology recently changed when Hearst Media acquired the publication. The list is now compiled by Best Doctors, which undertakes a peer-to-peer survey every two years. Only currently listed Best Doctors can submit nominations for doctors who, in their judgment, are the best in their field.

The “Best Doctors” issue, featuring more than 800 physicians representing scores of specialties, is available online at

For more information on the Bridgeport Hospital doctors named in this year’s “Best Doctors” issue, visit

Bridgeport Hospital physicians among Connecticut “Best Doctors” are:

Khalid M. Abbed, Neurological Surgery
Faye F. Ahmadian, Internal Medicine
Francis Alcedo, Internal Medicine*
Nabil A. Atweh, Surgery
Andrew Bedford, Gastroenterology*
Richard S. Bercik, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Nicholas A. Bertini, Internal Medicine*
Emily E. Blair, Obstetrics-Gynecology*
Dante A. Brittis, Orthopedic Surgery
Domenic Casablanca, Family Medicine
Linda R. Casale, Cardiology*
Robert D. Chessin, Pediatrics
Zeno N. Chicarilli, Plastic Surgery
Murali Chiravuri, Cardiology*
Steven R. Cohen, Cardiology*
Michael J. Connolly, Internal Medicine*
Joshua A. Copel, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Joseph A. Cuteri, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Brian M. DeBroff, Opthalmology*
Frank C. Detterbeck, Thoracic Surgery
Mitchell H. Driesman, Cardiology*
Edward Andrew Duda, Medical Oncology and Hematology
Neal A. Fischbach, Medical Oncology and Hematology
Lawrence I. Fisher, Cardiology*
Robert F. Fishman, Cardiology*
Robert S. Folman, Medical Oncology and Hematology
Richard M. Freedman, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Gary E. Friedlaender, Orthopedic Surgery
Stefano Fusi, Plastric Surgery
Diane M. Gallo-Van Ess, Pediatrics
Cynthia I. Gentes, Internal Medicine*
Geoffrey S. Gladstein, Rheumatology*
Andrew Halldor Haims, Radiology
Mary Beth Harman, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Robert Herzlinger, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
S. David Hudnall, Pathology
Pei Hui, Pathology
Peter A. Humphrey, Pathology
Harris Jacobs, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Dhanpat Jain, Pathology
Michele Johnson, Radiology*
Lee D. Katz, Radiology
Christina Kim, Pediatric Urology
Steven H. Kunkes, Cardiology*
Steven A. Laifer, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Mark Laser, Obstetrics-Gynecology*
Michael A. Lee, Pediatrics
Seth P. Lerner, Dermatology
Urania Magriples, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Jerry P. Malefatto, Medical Oncology and Hematology
Craig A. McPherson, Cardiology
Jay L. Meizlish, Cardiology*
Cheryl A. Menzies, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Nicholas P. Mongillo, Pediatrics
Meena S. Moran, Radiation Oncology
Robert M. Moskowitz, Cardiology*
Michael Paidas, Obstetrics-Gynecology
John A. Persing, Plastic Surgery
Christian Pettker, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Liane E. Philpotts, Radiology
Brian D. Pollack, Cardiology*
Carole Presnick, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Glenn M. Rich, Endocrinology
Michelle Rivelli, Pediatrics
Melvin Rosenblatt, Radiology
Lynda E. Rosenfeld, Cardiology*
Ronald R. Salem, Surgical Oncology
Harold J. Sauer, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Marcie B. Schneider, Pediatrics
Adam E. Schussheim, Cardiology*
Dan-Arin Silasi, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Gregory N. Soloway, Gastroenterology*
Julie E. Spivack, Gastroenterology
Robert A. Stanton, Orthopedic Surgery
Robert J. Stiller, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Bauer Sumpio, Vascular Surgery
Gordon Sze, Radiology
Richard L. Taikowski, Cardiology*
James Grant Thomson, Hand Surgery
Melvin H. Thornton, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Edward Robert Tuohy IV, Cardiology*
Stephen J. Urciuoli, Internal Medicine*
Peter E. Van Dell, Obstetrics-Gynecology
Lynn D. Wilson, Radiation Oncology
Robert Winslow, Cardiology*
David Howard Witt, Medical Oncology and Hematology

*These physicians are also part of Northeast Medical Group.

Bridgeport Hospital, part of Yale New Haven Health, is a non-profit 501-bed acute care hospital with two campuses (plus 42 beds licensed to Yale New Haven Children's Hospital). Its Bridgeport and Milford Campuses serve patients from across the region. The hospital admits more than 23,000 patients and provides nearly 350,000 outpatient treatments annually. The Connecticut Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital is the only burn center in the state and one of only 64 verified burn centers in the United States. Bridgeport Hospital is committed to providing safe, compassionate and cost efficient care to its patients and the community.

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