June Message to Yale New Haven Health Employees from Marna P. Borgstrom

June 1, 2020

As Yale New Haven Health battled COVID-19 for the last several months, collectively we did what we do best: We immersed ourselves into caring for the most vulnerable around us, and we have done so without regard to the background, economic status, gender or race of the people who needed our help. To me, this represents the essence of humanity.

I was horrified and angered by the very disturbing images of violence and racism in Minneapolis that have rekindled a national focus on what it means to be black in America. It hit me hard personally and professionally. It struck me that these horrific images from news reports represent the polar opposite of the values we have lived in caring for vulnerable COVID+ patients.

As healthcare providers, we must continue to do the work we are privileged to do and we must express respect and gratitude, each and every day, for those with whom we are privileged to do it. We must also use our high reliability principles in every aspect of our work including being 200% accountable and speaking up if we see others acting in ways that run counter to our values. If we do not, we become part of the racism that is tearing our country apart. 



Marna P. Borgstrom
Chief Executive Officer
Yale New Haven Health