To assist organizations with identifying concrete strategies for improving their response and recovery capability, the Yale New Haven Health System Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response (YNHHS-CEPDR) conducts mission-critical assessments for state and municipal government agencies, emergency response regions, health systems and individual organizations. Assessments entail qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis designed to identify strengths, gaps and solutions and are often used as a precursor to development of emergency operations and business continuity plans. Data collection instruments can include text review, single or group interviews, face-to-face or web-based surveys and site visits. YNHHS-CEPDR can also develop tools to allow organizations and regions to conduct self-assessments.

YNHHS-CEPDR has experience assessing the following:

  • Emergency management programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Emergency operations, management and business continuity plans
  • Emergency Operation Centers
  • Incident Command System (ICS) functions
  • Emergency preparedness trainings and training needs
  • Response and recovery capabilities and capacities at the organization and regional levels (including human resources and material)
  • Infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Hazard and geographic vulnerabilities