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Comeback Stories

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Liz's Comeback Story

Racing down ski slopes trying to keep up with her husband, Liz suddenly got caught in a rut. She tumbled down the mountain, tearing her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). See Liz's comeback story.

Greenwich Hospital

Amanda's Comeback Story

While training for her second Ironman® competition, Amanda experienced such debilitating back pain that she could barely stand. This fierce competitor was determined not to let the pain win. See Amanda’s comeback story.

Yale New Haven Hospital

come back healthier - brian
Brian's Comeback Story

Crippling stomach pain kept Brian awake. After being rushed to Westerly Hospital’s Emergency Department, a CT scan revealed a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. See Brian's comeback story.

Westerly Hospital

Coy's Comeback Story

An avid skier, Coy could live with a limp. But when hip pain kept him off the slopes, he wasn’t ready to hang up the skis. See Coy’s comeback story.

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Denine's Comeback Story

Frustrated with letting the scale rule her health and happiness, Denine was poised for a dramatic change as she eyed her 40th birthday celebration. See Denine’s comeback story.

Greenwich Hospital

Jerushia's Comeback Story

Always the teacher, Jerushia wasn’t about to let constant bone and joint pain school her – until the day her arthritic knee gave out and she took a nasty fall. See Jerushia’s comeback story.

Yale New Haven Hospital

Jim's Comeback Story

After tearing a rotator cuff in a skiing accident, Jim turned to Greenwich Hospital’s Long Ridge Medical Center – and ultimately back to the slopes. See Jim’s comeback story.

Greenwich Hospital

comeback kid kerry
Kerry's Comeback Story

It is only through hindsight – and the care she received from Lawrence + Memorial Hospital’s Limb Preservation Program – that Kerry considers blocked arteries in her leg to be a life-changing gift. See Kerry’s comeback story.

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Lauren's Comeback Story

As a little girl, Lauren started training to fulfill her dream of becoming an Olympic figure skater. One morning, those hopes and dreams crashed when a brain hemorrhage threatened the 11-year-old’s life. See Lauren’s comeback story.

Yale New Haven Children's Hospital

Laurie's Comeback Story

For the love of the sea, sailing is in Laurie’s blood. After battling raging storms in the Atlantic, this skilled sailboat captain wasn’t about to let knee pain force her dockside. See Laurie’s comeback story.

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Leslie's Comeback Story

Leslie had booked an adventure vacation of a lifetime, but severely arthritic knees jeopardized those plans. That’s when she made a life-changing decision to get back to doing the things she loved.

Bridgeport Hospital

Mark's Comeback Story

Mark was flying over the Long Island Sound when his plane’s engine failed and he came crashing down into the ocean. His skillful piloting prevented a disastrous outcome, but he was left with several collapsed vertebrae and slipped disks in his lower back. With a heavy heart, he wondered if he’d ever live pain free again. See Mark’s comeback story.

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Matt's Comeback Story

From soccer to swimming to badminton, Matt, a phys-ed teacher, is always on the go. That is, until an arthritic hip made it impossible for him to move a muscle without pain. See Matt’s comeback story.

Greenwich Hospital

Russell's Comeback Story

Russell was resigned to living an ultra-careful lifestyle because of AFib. Minor mishaps like a spill from walking could spell disaster given his risk for internal bleeding. See Russell’s comeback story.

Yale New Haven Hospital

Scott's Comeback Story

Minutes into a 5K run, Scott inexplicably collapsed on the course among a throng of runners. His heart stopped. Doctors discovered that a heart valve defect cut off the blood flow to his heart. See Scott’s comeback story.

Yale New Haven Hospital

Comeback Healthier
Shay's Comeback Story

Deric and Julie, received a call from her daycare center. Their daughter was having trouble breathing. What was first thought to be an asthma attack turned out to be something much more serious . See Shay’s comeback story.

Yale New Haven Children's Hospital

cbk tia
Tia's Comeback Story

Too busy to listen to her body, Tia dismissed her back pain and shortness of breath to simple symptoms of holiday stress. In real life, Tia was having a heart attack at age 45. See Tia’s comeback story.

Westerly Hospital

Winston's Comeback Story

At age 16, Winston was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. This led to the loss of sensation in his feet and eventually a severe burn. The former high school basketball star found himself on the sidelines. Read Winston’s comeback story.

Bridgeport Hospital