Come Back Stronger:

Medical breakthroughs, compassionate care give thousands a new lease on life.

Through the latest in medical research and innovative treatment, Yale New Haven Health ups the odds so that even the most difficult conditions are easier to beat. We give you the strength, confidence and courage to come back. Stronger. Healthier. Faster.


Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

After heart surgery,
Shay came back stronger.

Shay’s parents, Deric and Julie, received a call from her daycare center. Their daughter was having trouble breathing. What was first thought to be an asthma attack turned out to be something much more serious.

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Bridgeport Hospital

After aortic valve replacement,
Stephen came back stronger.

Stephen knew something was wrong when, one morning, he couldn’t tie his shoes without losing his breath. The aortic valve implanted 15 years earlier by open heart surgery needed to be replaced. See Stephen’s comeback story.

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Greenwich Hospital

After hip replacement surgery,
Matt came back faster.

From soccer to swimming to badminton, Matt, a phys-ed teacher, is always on the go. That is, until an arthritic hip made it impossible for him to move a muscle without pain. See Matt’s comeback story.

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Yale New Haven Hospital

After heart surgery,
Scott came back stronger.

About four minutes into a marathon, Scott had a heart attack and collapsed on the side of the road. A nearby doctor from Yale New Haven Hospital rushed over to find Scott without a pulse. She and two other nurses performed CPR until Scott began to breathe. He was later diagnosed with a heart defect. See how a minimally invasive valve replacement surgery restored his heart.

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