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Come Back Stronger:

Medical breakthroughs, compassionate care give thousands a new lease on life.

Through the latest in medical research and innovative treatment, Yale New Haven Health ups the odds so that even the most difficult conditions are easier to beat. We give you the strength, confidence and courage to come back. Stronger. Healthier. Faster.



Greenwich Hospital

After knee surgery,
Liz came back stronger.

Growing up an avid skier, Liz loved hitting the slopes with her husband every winter until a ski accident left her with a torn ACL injury and wondering if she would ever enjoy skiing again. 

Liz's Story


Westerly Hospital

After heart and vascular surgeries,
Brian came back healthier.

Crippling stomach pain kept Brian awake. After being rushed to Westerly Hospital’s Emergency Department, a CT scan revealed a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. 

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Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

After lifesaving treatment,
Kerry came back stronger.

“I woke up on Super Bowl Sunday and couldn’t feel my foot,” she recalls. “It was totally numb, tingling and ice cold. I was scared. I went straight to the hospital.” At 57, Kerry had smoked for 30 years. She also had type 2 diabetes and didn’t watch her diet.

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Greenwich Hospital

After rotator cuff surgery,
Jim came back faster.

A torn rotator cuff forced Jim off the slopes. Determined to return to skiing, Jim turned to the experienced team at Greenwich Hospital’s Long Ridge Medical Center.

Jim's Story




Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

After spine surgery,
Mark came back faster.

Mark was flying over the Long Island Sound when his plane’s engine failed and he came crashing down into the ocean. His skillful piloting prevented a disastrous outcome, but he was left with several collapsed vertebrae and slipped disks in his lower back. With a heavy heart, he wondered if he’d ever live pain free again.

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Bridgeport Hospital

After double knee replacement, 
Leslie came back stronger.

Leslie grew up in a neighborhood where most of the kids were boys. “You either played with them or you didn’t play,” she said. Leslie chose to play -- baseball, football, riding bikes, and whatever else kept her active.

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Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

After heart surgery,
Shay came back stronger.

Shay’s parents, Deric and Julie, received a call from her daycare center. Their daughter was having trouble breathing. What was first thought to be an asthma attack turned out to be something much more serious.

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