Employment scams are out there,
protect yourself.

Individuals may use non-affiliated email addresses such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, aol.com, hotmail.com or others to engage candidates. They also may attempt to communicate through text messaging or ask candidates to use Google Hangouts in their interview process. Yale New Haven Health will never contact candidates via any of these means.

Candidates should only apply for positions on official Yale New Haven Health websites including:

Be suspicious if…

  • You haven't applied for a job with Yale New Haven Health or one of its affiliates but receive an offer of employment.
  • You receive a job offer without meeting with one of our Talent Acquisition team members in person at one of our facilities.
  • You receive any unsolicited employment offers and/or unsolicited employment contracts from Yale New Haven Health or one of its affiliates.
  • The communication includes misspellings or poor grammar.
  • You receive requests for sensitive personal information (such as Social Security Numbers or bank or credit card account numbers) that may be used to access accounts, transfer funds or make payments to or from a third party of any kind.

Yale New Haven Health will never…

  • Send unsolicited job offers or employment contracts of any kind.
  • Require any fees, payments or access to any of your financial, bank or any other types of accounts.
  • Conduct text-only interviews, particularly in internet chat rooms, e.g. Google Hangouts.
  • Hire you without meeting you in person at one of our facilities.

Helpful Resources

Should you believe you have been involved in an employment scam online, do not respond to any additional communications and report the suspected crime through the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center's website.