We strive to bring true value to our vision of enhancing the lives of those we serve. Yale New Haven Health sponsors programs and services that improve the health of people in our communities and increase access to care. These activities are critical to our mission and are the basis of tax exemption as a not-for-profit organization. 

Medical care, chronic disease awareness and community service are just a few of the ways Yale New Haven Health gives back to the people we serve. Each of our hospitals sponsors, develops and participates in programs and services that address each community's distinct needs.

In 2018, we provided $692.5 million in financial and in-kind contributions. The dollars represent an investment in our local communities. More importantly, these tremendous activities impacted the lives of 928,804 people. But just how many is 928,804? That many people, standing shoulder to shoulder, would extend over 200 miles from Boston to New York City.

In addition to the $692.5 million provided in community benefit and community building activities, including $538.8 million in Medicaid shortfalls and free and charity care (at cost), our hospitals provided $348.4 million in bad debt and Medicare shortfalls.

We are proud to be part of the communities we serve and want to show how we continue to "give back" through an accounting of our community benefit work for Yale New Haven Health. Last year, Yale New Haven Health managed $692.5 million in financial and in-kind contributions through five wide-ranging programs: Guaranteeing Access to Care; Promoting Health and Wellness; Advancing Careers in Health Care; Creating a Healthier Community and Building Strong Neighborhoods.

Community Benefits Report Summary

We recognize that some patients may be uninsured, not have adequate insurance or lack the resources to pay for health care. Honoring our mission and commitment to the community, we participate in government-sponsored programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, HUSKY, CHAMPUS and Tricare. During the year, Yale New Haven Health provided services for 611,362 Medicaid beneficiaries at a loss of $289.7 million. In addition, Yale New Haven Health provided free or charity healthcare services at a loss of $249.1 million.  

In total, we provided $557.6 million in subsidized care and patient care programs that served 766,846 persons. In addition, our five hospitals provided $348.4 million in Medicare shortfalls and bad debt.
Our hospitals contributed $116.0 million to a variety of healthcare education programs that train individuals to become medical professionals, from physicians and nurses to pharmacists and dieticians. In addition to providing medical residency and fellowship programs, our hospitals offer a clinical setting for undergraduate training to students enrolled in various allied health fields. Programming benefited 8,494 individuals.
Yale New Haven Health provided $10.4 million to local health education programs, health screenings, support groups, health fairs and community organizations that help make our communities healthier places to live and work and served 74,780 people.

Yale New Haven Health provided $4.8 million in financial and in-kind donations to address or support social determinants of health including food security, job training, affordable housing programs, economic development and/or other essential services. Our system is one of the state's largest employers, with 26,028 employees. Collectively, our hospitals provide support for several economic initiatives in New Haven (CT), Fairfield (CT), New London, Washington (RI) and Westchester (NY) Counties.

Yale New Haven Health's hospitals provided $3.7 million in funds and in-kind services to dozens of local not-for-profit organizations unaffiliated with the hospital. In 2018, 76,856 persons benefited from various community health services and programs.