Proposal submission and selection overview

Selection Criteria:

  1. Magnitude and intensity of unmet medical need
  2. Likelihood of technical success of proposed approach
  3. Degree of innovation, IP strategy, access to required IP, and/or competitive strategy
  4. Potential for a compelling product to emerge from the proposal, including passing through FDA clearance and value analysis
  5. Likelihood of achieving external funding (SBIR grant, angel investment, venture funding) at the completion of this work
  6. Quality and appropriateness of resource and team to execute

Process for Submission

Yale New Haven Health and Yale Medicine staff:

  1. Proposals must be submitted electronically to System Performance Management via this link:

    Submit your Sparq proposal
  2. On top left of webpage, select new submission 
  3. Type in title, select organization via drop down list, and select the “Sparq Proposal” category via drop-down list. 
  4. Enter Primary Team Member’s email only. It does not accept additional emails. 
  5. Browse to attach your PDF, then hit save 
  6. You will be notified via email of submission and separately whether your proposal has been selected for the Pitch-Off. 
  7. If you need to edit/re-submit your submission, go to the link above and choose Edit feature.

Yale University Staff:

  1. Please email a PDF of your proposal to [email protected]


A single PDF must be submitted that contains the following sections and strictly adheres to page limits below.
Direct inquiries to [email protected].

Section  Page Limit
Project Abstract   Up to ½ page  
Unmet Clinical Need and Market     Up to 1 page
Proposed Product Solution and Background/Preliminary Technical or Clinical Data
Up to 2 pages

Proposed Product Pathway: What are the biggest technical, clinical, and business gaps that need to be filled in order to be competitive for angel investment, SBIR grant funding, or similar external funding of the project?

Specifically address your current understanding of the following:

  • What proposed product will result from this work?
  • What is the regulatory path?
  • Is reimbursement required?
  • How will a doctor and hospital approach value analysis?
  • What are the most critical clinical assumptions that need to be verified?
What are the highest risk gaps in technical data?
Up to 2 pages

Specific Aims that address the Technical, Clinical, and Business gaps described above
Up to ½ page
Plan to address the Technical, Clinical, and Business gaps
Up to 3 pages
Novelty of Approach, Intellectual Property Strategy, Competition
Up to ½ page
Selected references
As needed
Summary of team including business advisors, resources and environment
Up to 1 page
Candidate’s NIH-formatted biosketch for all Key Personnel
NIH Biographical Sketch Format
NIH Biographical Sketch Sample
Up to 4 pages
Other Support As needed
Detailed Budget As needed
Budget Justification                As needed