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HealthTech Forum

Program Overview

Led by the Center for Health Care Innovation, the HealthTech Forum is an annual event that celebrates the Yale New Haven Health and Yale University innovation mission and accomplishments, and convenes the industry’s leading minds and catergory-definers in medicine, technology, and policy to share their insights on how innovation is transforming healthcare.


from 08:00 am
to 08:30 am
System Welcome
  • Keith Churchwell, MD, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer,
    Yale New Haven Hospital
  • Lisa Stump, Senior Vice President Information Systems & Chief Information Officer,
    Yale New Haven Health
from 08:30 am
to 09:00 am
Meeting Patients Where They Are
  • AVIA, Gist, Vizient Representative
  • Arel Lidow, President, Florian Otto, CEO, Cedar
  • Dan Brillman, CEO, Unite Us
  • Lygeia Ricciardi, Chief Transformation Officer, Carium
In a time that COVID-19 has upended nearly every aspect of life, patients are changing their attitudes and behaviors around health and healthcare too. Healthcare will need to rethink and reinvent how it honors its commitment to quality care, health, and wellness; and start progress with patients.
from 09:00 am
to 09:30 am
Virtual Health System: Telehealth in 2021
  • Christopher O’Connor, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer,
    Yale New Haven Health
  • Yulun Wang, Chief Innovation Officer, Intouch/Teledoc
  • Jennifer Schneider, President, Livongo
  • Anna Mond Johnson, CEO, American Telemedicine Association
  • Sean Duffy, CEO, Omada Health
As a direct result of COVID-19, telehealth has experienced explosive growth and provided a lifeline for both health care providers and patients. The rapid adoption of telemedicine among providers and patients has shown that telehealth is here to stay. Hear from industry leaders on how telehealth will be a core part of how we deliver care to enhance patient experience and provide more accessible care.
from 09:30 am
to 10:00 am
Mental Health
  • Thomas Balcezak, MD, Executive Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer,
    Yale New Haven Health
  • Ken Cahill, CEO, SilverCloud Health
  • Russell Glass, CEO, Ginger
  • David Cohn, CEO, Regroup
  • Danny Freed, CEO, Blueprint Health
  • Daniel Graf, CEO, Mindstrong
  • Oren Frank, CEO, Talkspace
  • April Koh, Spring Health
While COVID-19 is never far from the minds of most Americans, a parallel public health crisis is brewing that is less visible, but no less dangerous: a behavioral health epidemic. Social isolation, daily doses of panic, widespread unemployment, and the loss of loved ones are exacerbating preexisting behavioral health conditions and creating new ones. Nearly half of adult Americans have reported that the pandemic has worsened their mental health. Alongside the hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths, a second wave of loss driven by “deaths of despair” is imminent. As many as 75,000 more lives could be lost due to behavioral health related substance abuse and suicide. But alongside these challenges, there's also hope. Hear from innovators that building new technologies and organizations to improve access to mental health care, fight stigma and meet people where they're at.
from 10:00 am
to 10:45 am
Supporting Diversity in Health Care Innovation
  • Jon Soderstrom, Yale University
  • Feyi Ayodele, CEO, CancerIQ
  • Garry Cooper, CEO, Rheaply
  • Toyin Ajayi, Chief Health Officer, Cityblock Health
  • Todd Cruikshank, COO, Surgical Innovation Associates
BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and female founders represent less than 3% of funding each year, despite diversity mandates and increasing amounts of punishing data exposing the race and gender gap in venture capital. BIPOC and female founders face different expectations and an unreasonable uphill battle for investment dollars, mentorship, and opportunities. We invite industry leaders to dialogue on their experiences, what we miss by not supporting diversity in healthcare innovation, and the way forward.
from 10:45 am
to 11:30 am
2020 Digital Health Investment Trends
  • Joseph Bisson, Vice President, Yale New Haven Health
Hear from leading healthcare investors as they look back on digital health funding in 2020 and look forward to the future of the market. Panelists will share insights about fundraising in the midst of a pandemic, recession.
from 11:30 am
to 12:00 pm
Health System Innovation Spotlight: Digital Innovation Under Pressure
  • Ena Williams, Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer,
    Yale New Haven Hospital
  • Aimee Quirk, CEO, innovationOschner
  • Aaron Martin, Chief Digital Officer, PSJH
Spotlight on health system innovation leaders and how they helped their organization succeed through an accelerated technology-driven transition in light of COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Should Attend

Join the innovation community. Innovate with Us.

The Center for Health Care Innovation invites the Yale New Haven Health, Yale University, and extended healthcare innovation community to join us for a morning of inspiring and educational conversations.
  • Hear discussions between the industry’s top thinkers and doers on their perspective on what is working to advance healthcare innovation and what’s not.
  • Get an insider’s look and glean insights from innovation’s latest developments and activities and overarching macro trends.
  • Be inspired and find new approaches as you tackle real healthcare issues to meet patients where they are.
HealthTech Forum Speaker

Past Speakers

Alexei Mlodinow
Alexei Mlodinow Surgical Innovation Associates
Amy Stevens
Amy Stevens AVIA
Cristina Ripperger
Cristina Ripperger What If! Innovation
Donna Lecky
Donna Lecky HealthVenture
Jen Horonjeff
Jen Horonjeff Savvy Cooperative
Jeremy Friese
Jeremy Friese Verata Health
Kate Wolin
Kate Wolin Circea
Matt Storeygard
Matt Storeygard Connecticut Innovations
Maxwell Laurans
Maxwell Laurans Yale New Haven Hospital, Nomad Health
Onyeka Obiocha
Onyeka Obiocha Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking
Rebecca Stametz
Rebecca Stametz Geisinger Steele Institute for Health Innovation
Sean Day
Sean Day Rock Health
Tripp Peake
Tripp Peake LRVHealth
Vesi Bikova
Vesi Bikova Cigna Ventures

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