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Facilities and Equipment


SYN:APSE’s flexible simulation environments can be configured to recreate all types of clinical care areas, including emergency rooms, intensive care units, labor and birth units, operating rooms and both inpatient and outpatient care areas. Each space is outfitted with patient simulator equipment and advanced professional audiovisual equipment to record simulation activities for onsite or remote review. Adjacent classrooms accommodate large group debriefing following simulation exercises and provide real-time video feed from the simulation rooms. In addition, our team has created solutions to bring simulation to the actual clinical environments allowing native teams to practice in-situ.

Simulator Equipment

The SYN:APSE team is proud to feature a comprehensive array of part-task trainers and full-body human patient simulators including neonatal, infant, pediatric, adult and birthing patient simulators. All simulators are fully portable. During the design process, our team of experts helps clients determine the most appropriate technology, equipment and location to achieve intended goals.

Please visit the Program Development page if you are interested in building a program.

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